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Why is IV Vitamin Therapy Much Better than Oral Vitamin Intake?

You’ve heard a lot of news about IV Vitamin Therapy in various social media networks for quite some time now. Many often wonder why is it better than the usual oral intake of vitamins. If you are one of those who doesn’t know the difference between the two then this article is perfect for you.

Celebrity figures like Chrissy Teigen, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, and other Hollywood celebrities have already attested to the ability of Intravenous Vitamin Therapy (popularly known as IV drips) to boost one’s energy, provide an overall feeling of well-being, foster better-looking and smoother skin, and even trigger weight reduction. Even sports enthusiasts are often seen in IV Vitamin Therapy clinics having their regular infusion of vitamins. You can’t help but be curious about it’s benefits to your health. Here are a few reasons why you should visit an IV Vitamin Therapy (IV) clinic soon.

Reason #1: Higher Concentration of Vitamins & Minerals

One of the much talked about reasons why IV Vitamin Therapy is popular is because it has a higher dosage of not only Vitamin C but also other vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B-5 and Magnesium. Glutathione, a known anti-oxidant that helps in the anti-aging process of the body are also a popular infusion.

When given to a patient through an IV drip, Vitamin C, for example can reach much higher concentrations in the blood than when administered orally. Vitamin C can certainly provide protection to the body against infections as well as boosts your immunity.

In fact, there have been studies conducted and are ongoing of the use of high doses of Vitamin C to treat cancer patients since the 1970s. To date, high doses of Vitamin C have been used to slow down the growth of the liver, prostate, colon, and pancreatic cancer cells.

Reason #2: Faster Absorption of Nutrients

You might have been sick at least once in your life and you know that the absorption of pills by the body is much longer than if the medicine was injected or introduced intravenously.

Orally, it takes 3-4 hours to absorb the nutrients, which is slower compared to just 10 minutes or less when introduced intravenously. We can also attribute this to the fact that the absorption of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B3 (Riboflavin) and Thiamine (B1) is highly impaired especially if you are a constant alcohol drinker.

Alcohol damages the integrity and proper functioning of your intestinal lining, whose main function is to carry nutrients and vitamins to other parts of the body.

Other factors for a less than efficient stomach lining for nutrient absorption are stress, smoking, medicines like aspirin and Ibuprofen, and inflammation from diseases like ulcerative colitis or diabetes.

Moreover, if injected directly into the bloodstream, the nutrients bypass the digestive system and are directly absorbed by cells where they are more efficiently utilized. A fast and easy way to boost your immune system!

Reason #3: A No-Fuss, All-in-One Delivery of Vital Nutrients in a Few Minutes

Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler to have all of your vitamins and minerals are given to you in one, simple procedure than popping pills every day or several times a day?

IV Vitamin Therapy certainly simplifies this very time-consuming task.

All you need to do is sit down in a chair, and the nurse performs the entire procedure in a matter of 35-45 minutes.

You can do this once a week or several times a month, depending on your health needs.

Which brings us to point #4.

Reason #4: A Reason to Chill-Out as well as Stay Healthy & Strong

Going out on Friday or Saturday night?

Perhaps you have a lackluster energy to even party tonight?

No worries!

The celebrated IV Therapy treatment solves your problem for you! The IV Vitamin Therapy will give that extra energy to keep you all night.

Even if you’re tired from working out or stressed from work, these infusions will help your body recover instantly.

Sound like fun right?

Yes, definitely it is.

So, what are you waiting for, inquire to your nearest IV Vitamin Therapy clinic? You’ll never regret it!

Next time you want an energy boost or even keep fit, healthy and strong, do visit us for an IV Vitamin Therapy at Hydrate House or visit our website at Don’t miss your chance to feel revived and rejuvenated.


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