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Cancellation of Appointment

Before you proceed further with the confirmation of your appointment, it should be noted that Hydrate House has implemented a 48-hours cancellation policy. If you are unsure of your appointment or, you want to reconsider your decision, we request you to provide us with a 48- hour notice to proceed further with your cancellation. Hydrate House reserves all rights to proceed further with the order processing if no notification or request is received within the given time span. We strictly take payments via credit cards.

To change the time of your appointment

If you want to change your time of appointment with us, we advise you to reach out to us via a phone call or, an email, and we will change the appointment timings for you. Our team of representatives is available 24/7, and they will tend to your concerns and queries regardless of the time of the day.

Use of Courses Provided by Hydrate House

Hydrate House provides you with the hydration courses of your choice ; however, we make it our top priority to inform you that the courses provided by Hydrate House are 100% non-refundable. We take complete responsibility for utilizing balance for other treatments for other IV treatments. If you are experiencing a change of mind regarding our courses, we advise you to reach out to your Treatment Coordinator for additional assistance.

Policy for Children

Children are welcomed to visit us but, we strongly advise you to not keep your children unattended in the waiting lounge or reception area. We do not facilitate a daycare center or play center in our clinic to entertain your kids. Our staff is not trained to look after your children so; you should take care of your children on your terms. Also, we prohibit the presence of children in the treatment rooms for safety reasons.

Policy for Pets

We strongly discourage the presence of pets in our clinic for hygienic and safety reasons.

Terms of Use of Promotional Offers

Hydrate House has a policy of offering promotional offers from time to time; however, it should be noted that each offer is reserved for a single person, and no other entity can reserve its rights to it.

Terms of Use of Gift Coupons

Hydrate House often offers exclusive and redeemable gift coupons and vouchers to its frequent visitors. However, we have implemented a strict policy on the gift vouchers, and we do not exchange them for cash. They are available for a limited time period, and once the vouchers reach their expiry; they will become obsolete.

Privacy Policy

The content of the website given below is a representation of the Privacy Policy as practiced and implemented by the supervisors/administers of this website. Before you proceed further with your appointment with Hydrate House, you should carefully go through the context of this section:

At Hydrate House, we refrain from sharing or giving out your information to third-parties. Our policy is not maximized by utilizing any confidential data for marketing purposes. However, if we are determined to utilize your provided information for research purposes, we will not proceed further without the involvement of your consent. We will reach out to you for your approval, and if you decline the offer; we will stop right there. Our privacy policy is subjected to change so; visit this page to keep track of the modifications made by the supervisors of this website.

Collection and Utilization of your information:

Signing up with Hydrate House will require you to provide with your name and last name, email address, contact number, and alternative contact method.

You may also be required to provide your preferences for treatment, home address, and occupation as determined by our policy.

This information is gathered to keep records of your visitations and treatments, and to notify you on our gift vouchers and possible discounts in the future.

In addition to that, your information is also utilized to notify you of your appointments, to update you of special offers, and you inform you of our upcoming services.

You are also subjected to receive a survey or feedback form to become acquainted with your preferences and perspective on how we can upgrade or improve our services.

Protection and Security

We process payments via credit cards; however, our website is equipped with SSL certificate which protects your confidential financial information from getting sabotaged. We have implemented strict data protection protocol and procedures to secure your information.


Cookies are regarded as micro-files that are saved in your web browser when you browse a website using your desktop internet or mobile internet. The use of cookies enables the websites to monitor your consumer behavior for marketing purposes. Hydrate House strictly collects cookies for analytical and marketing purposes. These cookies are strictly confidential and anonymous, and we refrain from using them for anything other than marketing or research purposes.

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